Your book, The Narcissist Survival Guide, has been a gift for me. I read the whole book in one sitting just now. After 4-years of self-educating myself on the hell I’ve been living, I’ve read nearly every book on narcissists. Yours offered me what all the others failed to offer, and it’s what I’ve needed most. How exactly I’m supposed leave the relationship I have with my husband, emotionally, when knowing he’s an N didn’t change the fact that I still want love from him.


Wendy has a sense of humour that helped clear a path through otherwise unpleasant territory, while gently nailing truths along the way – and patiently repeating until I was able to see what I needed to see.


I feel like the work we are doing is having a perceptible change in me. A sense of me being at peace with me.


My sessions with Wendy have been beneficial beyond words. Her ability to keep me focused (not one of my strong suits at times) has been fabulous. Her gift in helping me address overwhelming tasks and helping me to see them in more manageable steps has been eye opening and I love her mixture of humor and professionalism in her coaching. She is so easy to talk to and a joy to work with.

Kiersten M.


Because of many major life events coming to a head over the course of the last year or two, I realized it wouldn’t hurt to have some help (and a fresh perspective) in taking stock of my life up til this point. Amongst other things, I am in the midst of altering my career path, my mother recently passed away after a short illness, and I’ve hit middle age. I’m at the ‘now or never’ stage of my life.

Wendy’s own life experience shows through in our work together. She’s been able to push me to dig deep while remaining sensitive to my vulnerability, and I have the utmost trust in her. Our sessions have been ones of give and take, and she’s great about accepting feedback and listening (or guiding and coaching) at the right times.

I have to confess to being somewhat sceptical of life coaching when I first decided to sign on for some sessions with Wendy. That scepticism has since disappeared. While I haven’t ‘solved’ everything and nobody is telling me what to do or how to do it, working with Wendy has helped me gain perspective on past events and has helped boost my confidence in planning for the future. I’ve gained knowledge about myself and my reactions to situations using tools Wendy has shown me. Most importantly, I trust my instincts and I’m more confident than ever that I’m on the right path. Thanks Wendy!

Anna M.

Coaching did more for me in a few sessions than over ten years of therapy. DK


WELL, to put it simply … it has changed my life. Most pointedly my relationship with my children (grown adults) but also with other people I have contact with in my busy life. I have come to realize just how tense I actually was because now I feel so much lighter!


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