Court Case Filed in Canada

If you know, you must act.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team have pulled together enough evidence to show what is actually going on. He says it best:

Risk vs Benefit of Mass Vaccination During a Pandemic

Before you dismiss this as just another Anti-Vaxxer speaking out about the vaccine take a look at the resume of this man. He has worked all over the world developing and overseeing vaccines. I’ll let the list speak for itself. The “Cole’s Notes” version, or “Cliff Notes” for the younger cohort is he is warning that mass vaccination (during a pandemic) will interfere with natural immunity and is creating highly infectious variants of COVID that will be way more dangerous.

Please listen to it in his own words.

Share as much as you can. This elite scientist is worried it may be too late to save us if we continue this mass vaccination program.

For Those Who are Curious

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Christiane Northrup M.D. 
Like many of you, I have serious concerns about the safety of the new COVID shots. In fact, I have participated in interviews and written blogs about what is really going on with the COVID shots, the endgame to make them mandatory, and what this means for all of humanity.

But, with heavy censorship around this issue, it is getting more difficult for experts like me to tell the truth. In fact, we can’t even use the “V” word due to censorship.

You should be able to access the truth about any medicine or medical treatment before making a decision that could adversely affect your health. And you know when board-certified doctors who are speaking out for patient safety are getting fired, something is not right!
The good news is you can now learn the truth.

On February 9,
the new docuseries V Revealed: COVID Edition will air!
« REGISTER TO WATCH HERE »The truth is, injuries, including death, from the COVID shots are already being reported worldwide, but you are being blocked from seeing the whole story. With all the lies and the misinformation around the “pandemic,” the truth about the COVID shots has been all-out banned from open discussion, while Big Pharma and Big Tech continue to control which scientific studies and critical information you are allowed access.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn the truth about the COVID shots—the shots they say nearly every person on the planet will need to take in order for life to return to normal—and the industry behind them…
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The producers of V Revealed: COVID Edition are committed to doing everything in their power to make sure you have access to the truth. I highly recommend that you watch V Revealed: COVID Edition while you can.
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Does Big Pharma Rule the World?

I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for why many governments are continuing with lockdowns. If “cases” continue to rise, doesn’t that in itself mean the measures aren’t working?

Then there is the virus. According to data on the StatsCan webpage, yes, real Canadian data — difficult to censor that — there has been no increase in the average number of deaths in Canada between January and September of 2020 relative to other years. For that matter, the average rate of death from all causes is lower than it was in 2017 and 2018.

So where are all of the deaths from COVID? I’m not suggesting no one is dying of COVID. What I am saying is that it is killing those people most at risk of dying with or without COVID. There is no other way to explain why the average number of people dying in Canada has not increased this year.

If COVID is as deadly as we have been led to believe many, many more people should be dying than average. They are not.

Whether you agree with me or not, StatsCan data does. I know that those of us who have been watching the news on television, are under the impression that the world is coming to an end because there is this deadly virus out there.

All of the masks, closures and restrictions on our activities have one goal, to make our lives miserable. There is a vaccine being dangled in front of us. If you want “this” to end, get the vaccine. This, ironically, is the lockdowns, not the virus. Because the virus has done little more than a flu virus does. Yes, people have died from it but not in the way you have been led to believe. 700 people a day die on average in Canada with or without COVID. This has not gone up with COVID. We just don’t normally hear about these deaths on the news.

The difference this year is that deaths from COVID are being reported like sports scores. Do you remember any other year when deaths, from anything, were reported daily? None of these numbers have denominators either. I remember reading that rabies cases had doubled. Wow! Rabies is a serious disease and even though these cases were in animals and not humans, it seemed alarming. What had been left out of the story was that there had been one animal tested positive the year before and now there were two. Having the full picture matters.

In our society of sound bites, cancel culture and fear-based media, it is really easy, and quite frankly planned, for everyone to be frightened to death. Again, the savior in all of this is a vaccine, purportedly developed in a few months. ***RECORD SPEED***

The vaccine companies cannot be held liable for any harm that comes from their vaccines so they didn’t need to do those pesky studies to see if there were any problems from the vaccine. This “deal” was sold as a way to get the vaccine to market as quickly as possible, but at what cost?

Governments all over the world are complicit in this farce to make us believe that Corona Virus will kill us all if we dare to leave our homes. What is driving this? Why are they choosing to ignore the numbers and to continue with these draconian measures? Are governments ruling the world or is Big Pharma?

I Had No Choice

Recently, I heard a wise man say he had been very lucky and given a lot during his life and he would feel guilty if he didn’t share what he knew. This not only resonated with me, but is also true for me.

I too have had a lot of opportunities and very good luck. One of the gifts I have been given is an extensive education, including two advanced degrees. Which brings me to my point. I would simply feel guilty if I did not share what I know.

Outbreaks, disease transmission and math are my strong suit. I would feel guilty if I didn’t share this understanding, at this time. What I know for sure is that the “numbers” describing this pandemic do not warrant this response. I am not diving into any conspiracy theories, or trying to make sense of it all, but I had to go on record saying this does not make sense.

Take this admission for what it is worth.

Wendy Powell B.Sc., D.V.M., M.Sc. (Epidemiology)

A Cure for Narcissism?

I’ve been reading, writing and coaching on the topic of narcissism for well over a decade, and the worst news I’ve had to give clients is that there is no known cure for narcissism. The first step in coaching has always been, accept what is. Let go of the fantasy that this time they’ll keep their promise, counselling will help or, in other words, things will get better. They won’t.

Pool area at Rythmia

For the first time I am able to write that there may be hope. I’m not offering guarantees, but I personally spoke with self-professed narcissists who, for the first time in their lives actually realized they were hurting other people. I have always emphasized this criterion as the deciding factor on whether or not someone is a true narcissist, or just obnoxious.

It is the lack of empathy that separates the truly pathologic from others. The narcissists I’ve had the pleasure to know actually don’t care how their actions impact others, how it makes them feel. That is what a lack of empathy means.

So, what am I talking about? I spent my winter holidays at a resort called Rythmia. It is a gorgeous property with villas, sculptures, and a manicured landscape. At this medically licensed facility in Costa Rica ancient plant medicine is administered. Both modern medical facilities and ancient knowledge of how to administer plant medicine are brought together for an opportunity for healing.

During my stay, I spoke to former narcissists, people who had suffered a great loss, those addicted to substances and those who were spiritual seekers. We all came together to share plant medicine. I observed with my own eyes how this place healed old wounds, freed people from suffering and yes, allowed narcissists to understand how their actions brought suffering to those around them.

If you are dealing with a narcissist, consider where you want to take your next vacation. No guarantees, but I’ve seen it help others.

Gloves is all it takes

Well, social isolation has taken its toll. I am so bored, I’m back to blogging. I pride myself in being able to explain complex scientific stuff in normal words, but that is not the case today. This is easy shit. I’m a bit of a science nerd, so instead of following the headlines in the media, I’ve gone directly to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sharing this information with friends and family prompted me to recognize it might be useful for other people. Let me dive right in! Social distancing is for one reason only, a very important reason, we need to decrease the rate of people getting sick so that we have better health outcomes for those who do. So, get on board.

This corona virus is less like the flu virus than was initially feared. In short, the contagion through the air is less of a concern. If someone coughs, they are not as likely to spread Covid19 as someone spreading the flu virus. This is the basis for the 6 foot distancing that was recommended.

Recently, the WHO announced one metre was probably sufficient. I’m not telling you this so that you can safely get up into someone’s face. I just wanted to let you know that five feet, eleven inches is not the danger zone. It is still important to maintain the full six feet. At the very least because it is good manners. There are some pretty frightened people out there who want you as far away as possible.

This virus dries up too quickly to travel very far, except when experimentally shot out of a scientific gadget that produces a “worse case scenario” for the spreading of airborne diseases. Basically, infection requires the virus to get right up and personal with your mucous membranes. All of those wet surfaces on your body that support the transition from skin on the outside to wet organs on the inside. Think lips. Hence, the suggestion to stop touching your face.

The virus also likes to hang out on smooth surfaces like handles, door knobs and railings. It can linger on smooth surfaces for an unknown amount of time (at least unknown to me!). When your skin touches these surfaces, the virus has just boarded public transportation. The skin is a great place to hang out and the virus doesn’t seem to dry out significantly. So, the easiest thing to do is simply wear gloves. That way if you catch yourself picking your nose, you at least had to take your glove off first (I hope :-).

Also, it is possible for a healthy person to spread the virus and never show symptoms. So even if you never get sick yourself, you may be spreading the virus to other people. The act of wearing gloves means that your skin never infects a surface. I am wearing my light fall gloves. I suspect the virus would live longer on the gloves intended for food service or medical use–they are smoother.

One final note. Social distancing is not natural. There are a lot of people who are off-balance because they have not had regular contact with people. If you know any of them, I suggest you give them a call (do not send something in writing, I’m sure they already have lots to read). They might be feeling cabin fever so badly they could resort to blogging. We wouldn’t want that!

Families of Narcissists-Scapegoat

Inglis Fall

Ingrid shared her story about a family vacation. We were sitting in a library of a public school; a quiet, private place, especially after hours. Our small group had been meeting weekly to discuss narcissism and the impact that this pathology has had and continues to have on our lives.

Apparently, this vacation had been in the planning stages for over a year. The family was going to travel across North America, visit relatives, go to sites of interest like geological formations, national parks and caves. There were discussions about celebrity residences, particular museums and other possible stops on their way. They were travelling by car and the route was discussed at considerable length.

Unfortunately, Ingrid found out a day or two before the family left, that she would not be going. Officially, she was needed to stay home and take care of an elderly grandparent. Since no one in her family visited this individual on a regular basis, it was not a believable lie.

“You won’t like it. You don’t enjoy anything,” Ingrid’s mother said in her defence. The truth was, Ingrid was the scapegoat in this family and with the dynamic of a narcissist at play, everyone knew not to question the decision. More than that, they had all been taught that it was OK to blame Ingrid for anything that went wrong and to attack her any time she spoke.

I would like to say here that this is an extreme example and that it is rare–but I’d be lying. It is typical of a household that has a narcissist for there to be a scapegoat and a golden child.

Ingrid was the scapegoat. In this particular family, she saw no relief from this treatment and it was still continuing. Ingrid was in her fifties when we were having this conversation.

In some homes of narcissists, the scapegoat switches around. One day you are loved and admired and the next you cannot do anything right. This is a different type of emotional abuse because you never know where you stand.

The golden child, on the other hand, can do no wrong. It simply doesn’t matter how they act, what they decide to do, the choices they make or what they say, they are still cherished. This makes it difficult, in Ingrid’s situation, for her sister to understand why Ingrid was so disagreeable all of the time. Why wouldn’t Ingrid just agree that someone needed to care for grandma and leave it at that? Ingrid was such a downer. Her sister told her as much.

Since narcissists need constant nourishment in the form of drama and emotional outbursts, they tend to choose an individual to pick on. In this case, it was Ingrid. If you feel you are always being blamed and treated unfairly, you may be living with a narcissist.