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Christiane Northrup M.D. 
Like many of you, I have serious concerns about the safety of the new COVID shots. In fact, I have participated in interviews and written blogs about what is really going on with the COVID shots, the endgame to make them mandatory, and what this means for all of humanity.

But, with heavy censorship around this issue, it is getting more difficult for experts like me to tell the truth. In fact, we can’t even use the “V” word due to censorship.

You should be able to access the truth about any medicine or medical treatment before making a decision that could adversely affect your health. And you know when board-certified doctors who are speaking out for patient safety are getting fired, something is not right!
The good news is you can now learn the truth.

On February 9,
the new docuseries V Revealed: COVID Edition will air!
« REGISTER TO WATCH HERE »The truth is, injuries, including death, from the COVID shots are already being reported worldwide, but you are being blocked from seeing the whole story. With all the lies and the misinformation around the “pandemic,” the truth about the COVID shots has been all-out banned from open discussion, while Big Pharma and Big Tech continue to control which scientific studies and critical information you are allowed access.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn the truth about the COVID shots—the shots they say nearly every person on the planet will need to take in order for life to return to normal—and the industry behind them…
« Register to Watch V Revealed: COVID Edition HERE »I believe that the choices you make for your health are 100% up to you. That’s why I try to give you as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision. It’s important that the full story behind an industry that affects every single one of us is brought to light.

The producers of V Revealed: COVID Edition are committed to doing everything in their power to make sure you have access to the truth. I highly recommend that you watch V Revealed: COVID Edition while you can.
« Register to Watch V Revealed: COVID Edition HERE »Yours in health and health freedom,

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