Tipping Point on Apps

IMG_5288Has anyone else noticed that apps are losing their “user friendly” status. We seem to have reached some sort of tipping point. The more features, the more complex, the harder they are to use.

I loved being able to open my weather app and it just came up with the current conditions. If I wanted more, I had to ask and then it would give me the forecast, weather videos and the like. Now, my weather app is so complex, by the time it has loaded, I have lost patience.

Even twitter. A slightly askew swipe and I have left the stream I am reading and I’m off to never, never land. At some point the apps need to plateau. I am tired of getting instructions when I open an app. If it is not obvious, I don’t want to use it. I dream of the days that I could click on an app and it would open and do predictable things.

Don’t even get me started about google maps. I used to use it!

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