Camino Signs

One of the difficulties travelling in Spain,  on the Camino, is interpreting the signs. There is always the ubiquitous yellow arrows and shells that assure you, you are on the right path, unless of course, you’re not and you don’t see any.  

But the other signs are not always clear …

  Graffiti aside, I think it means, “Be afraid, be very afraid”. It is a little unclear why though. 

I’m thinking dancing cars, perhaps with boas. 

This one was tougher. I’m guessing the cars either make popcorn or fart. Either way, it would be so extraordinary as to not need a sign.


This one is the same in any language. “Happy Hydrant”. 


I personally found this very confusing. 

And let’s face it, sometimes the language and cultural differences are so great that there is no way to know what a sign means. I have no way of interpreting this one:  

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