Silvercreek Trail 5.5 km

Silvercreek Trail

100 KM Loop

This trail is surprising in how remote it feels. It runs between the Speed River and residential properties. It is so secluded it is not possible to see the properties that back onto it.

Except for the path itself and numerous benches along the way, there does not seem to be any evidence of human activity, except in the spots whereIMG_5258 you can see the city on the other side of the rive. It was very lightly travelled the day that I was there. Occasionally, there are what I assume are private paths that lead up to the back of properties.

Several very old maples have bases that exceed 7 ft in diameter. With the river on one side and the thick overgrowth all around, it is easy to get the feel that you are in a remote area. IMG_5266

I would like to stress again that a map is very valuable here. There are other trails that meet this one and I had to circle back on more than one occasion. There are markers but they are often at intersections and do not necessarily make it clear which way you should go. RRT is Royal Recreational Trail, and is the name given to all of the trails maintained in Guelph, not a specific route. IMG_5259

This trail effectively connects Stone Road Mall and the associated retail shops, services and restaurants that have sprung up around it with the downtown core.

It cuts through a field that belongs to a local high school, behind a middle school and through a park. You can begin this trail at the mall or at Gordon Street where it meets the Speed River at the end of the Speedriver and Downtown Trail The entrance to this trail, near the mall is at the corner of Scottdale Drive and Janefield Drive where W.E. Hamilton park is located. The adjoining trail is the Hanlon Creek Trail and it begins on the other side of Stone Road.

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