Lighting Dictates Nailpolish

IMG_3884Everyone that seriously wears nail polish has discovered that it is not so much your outfit, it is the lighting that defines what shade you should wear. I noted at the liberal convention that the dark rooms, constructed to focus light on the stage with enough ambient light to get around safely; the dark glossy red was perfect. The shine picked up the mellow yellows of it the light reflecting a gold colour, which made it match my fabulous jewelry. The high gloss, rich, red, colour of it is jewel like.

Dianne Lockhart, from ‘The Good Wife’, always has it right. The combination of class and good taste is reflected in all of her styles. She wears a silver, which is almost white, that make her nails light up next to the papers she is often holding. Shiny, a little taste of style accenting her fingers as they work. I think that I found this colour in a half off bin today!

Earlier today I knew that I would have a lot of hand exposure. I was helping the speakers set up and fortunately, for me and my hands; there was a tabletop touch template for the projector and computer. So, picture this, lecture hall lighting. The lights at the front, where I would be standing, slightly dimmed to allow better viewing of the lit screen. My nail polish had to be semi-solid colours, the ones that are too see through for the lighting at the mall (that can highlight a bad paint job). These are the ones that have a semi gloss finish. I chose a rather purple side of pink. It is the right shade for gold jewelry and stands up well in the dimmer lighting.

My opinion is that you have to think of the hand and how it looks on its own. Don’t rely on matching what you are wearing. If the hand looks co-coordinated, it simply doesn’t matter.

In the pool, the dark colour looks horrendous. It is too much. A lighter white accents the surroundings. The glossy finish has the right feel for the water and the pool. Two coats are necessary because the sun will shine right through the polish if it is not thick enough. I think it works and you have no idea what I was wearing. What do you think?

So I had great fun banging dramatically with my fingers on the console that controlled the projector knowing full well how to get it to work but taking the time to enjoy focusing the attention on my hands and making gestures. Fun stuff. I knew my nails looked amazing!

Those are the three types of lighting that I am confident that I had the right nail polish for. Now, to figure out what works in the boardroom…VERY unapologetic lighting… I love it when the most difficult thing to decide in a day is the colour of your nail polish.

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