The Narcissist Survival Guide

Kindle coverDo you feel like you are becoming forgetful? Do you feel like you may be losing your mind? Are you confused about what is going on? You may have a narcissist in your life…

The word narcissism is being bandied about like a trend right now and it is getting confusing for those of us that actually have a pathological narcissist in our lives. Narcissism is not just another word for arrogant or conceited. You are not a narcissist because you post a lot of things on the web or take a lot of ‘selfies’. Narcissism, in the purest sense of the word is a pathology, a dangerous pathology.

True narcissists do not care if they hurt you and sometimes take delight in doing just that. Learn how to recognize them and how to deal with them.

I have condensed all of my knowledge into a little


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The Narcissist Survival Guide

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