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IMG_1081I realized in an inside-out way that I was thinking about writing about writing and it seemed so peculiar and strange. I often just “feel” like capturing a moment, the way that I’m feeling at the time and I started to form the thoughts and then it hit me,  “I want to write a blog post about how it feels to be writing”. Strange.

When I say writing, I mean more than just blog posts. A couple of years ago, I wrote a book that chronicles those anecdotes that describe aspects of who you are; the defining interesting moments. Well, I think they’re interesting…  I remember being so engaged. I would lose hours just writing (no editing, just writing) the words would flow and there was a satisfaction to how the stories poured out onto the page.

I am in that place again. I’ve decided to compile all of my knowledge about dealing with a narcissist into one place. It feels so good to sit down and write. I have to set reminders so that I’m not late for appointments. I ran back and forth last night giving out candy [it was Halloween] and writing bits of my new book.

It is so engaging. I guess you really know when you have found something you love when you lose track of time, feel satisfied after doing it and revel in the thought of doing it more.

Read the entire book, now available
Read the entire book, now available
The Narcissist Survival Guide now available

6 thoughts on “Writing About Writing

  1. I found myself smiling as I read this– I know the feeling well, when it comes to writing. You lose track of all time, only surfacing for the direst of needs 😉

    Keep it up– I’d love to read more about narcissists– lord knows I’ve encountered my fair share of them.

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