In our fear based, sanitizer obsessed world, it is difficult to get your mind around the fact that we are exposed to each other’s bacteria and viruses despite our best efforts. No amount of hand cleaning can change the fact that many bacteria and viruses float around in the air on dust or miniscule droplets of water.

If there is another person in the room with you right now you are currently inhaling air that has already been in their lungs. This is just the truth. We are all interconnected in countless ways. Not only do we breathe air that is shared, we drink the same water and gaze at the same stars.

The more that we visit this idea, the more we see the inherent truth in it. With the discovery of “mirror neurons” which respond to watching what others are doing. We realize that our brains are designed to pay attention to how others behave. Instances where there has been group panic support the idea that we influence how others feel and react.

In addition to all of these things, we know that anything that we do has an impact on everyone else. This applies to small things like smiling and large things like clearing a forest. We are all interconnected.

It is a respect for the fact that we are all interconnected that brings me to the practice of Coneiya. We are not separate from our bodies, our world or each other. There is no division between us and other people and our surroundings. We are all part of the same thing. It is the ability to embrace this truth that brings the most joy into our lives. It takes us out of mindset of “us” vs. “them” and helps us realize that we are all in this together.

This holds true whether you are fighting with your body about your weight, fighting with your co-worker about the division of labour or fighting with your neighbour about a tree. This conflict increases the illusion of separation and lessens the chances of a positive solution.

By reaching the place where you realize that your body is part of who you are, the work must get done and that there needs to be a solution to the tree dispute, it is possible to examine new possibilities other than holding onto the illusion that there is a fight that can be won. Examining and embracing the interconnectedness is the practice of Coneiya.

So, stop worrying about the air that your sick co-worker is exhaling or whether or not they washed their hands. Pay attention to the fact that you were likely exposed to the viruses before your co-worker got sick. This is the nature of how things are; the way that they have always been. We are not separate from one another. We are all part of the same thing.


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